Feb 10, 2009

Fan of Foreign Films? Let the Right One In!

I love Vampires. In fact, I go to bed every night just wishing I'll wake up to the sun burning my flesh and then immediately running to the basement and spending my days in solitude and my nights roaming for victims. You think I'm kidding, but I have it all planned out in case it ever happens. Now all I need is someone to turn me so if any of you know of any vampires living in the area please call me. No joke. I want to be immortal and drink people's blood.

While I'm waiting for my dreams of undead goodness to come true, I usually immerse myself in as much vampire related media as possible (so that when I get turned, I'll know what to expect...duh) and was REALLY glad when I found this Movie. It's a Swedish film that translates to 'Let the Right One in' and is based off the novel of the same name. I enjoy it because it is a very original and unique take on vampires. It's not a fast-paced exciting movie, it's actually rather slow and subtle. I like foreign films because they're usually a tad more realistic than  most American movies  that just stuff a film full of as many special effects as they can and cast really bad actors (Keanu Reeves, Hayden Christiansen, and what have you) into their films. This movie is story driven, and to someone who only watches awful movies like 'The Fast and the Furious' it would be boring. This movie isn't fast or furious but it is good. Especially if you're a tasteful individual.

Yeah, I basically just said if you don't like this film, you have no taste. What of it?


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Sydney said...

That was really good. I'm glad you showed it to me. It was adorable. In that lovely creepy vampire type way.

I've been thinking more about your questions regarding becoming a vampire/turning someone else into a vampire and I see now why you were surprised that I didn't have that all figured out.