Jun 18, 2009

A Letter to the Developer: Updates and sweet releases from Bioware

Dear Bioware,

First, I would like to let you know that you never cease to amaze me. Why it doesn't seem that long ago that I picked up a copy of Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and fell in love with you and your style of game development. Then not long after, my brother got a copy of Jade Empire and he too, became a loyal fan. You've blessed us with so many great and wonderful things, and yet, you're not through.

It wasn't long ago that I first saw your E3 trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic and then your other E3 trailer for the latest developments for Mass Effect 2. I must say, well done my friend, well done. As usual, I was blown away at the quality of the graphics, intrigued at the complexity of the plot lines, and bedazzled at the promise of the gameplay. Bioware, if you were a person, and a female person, I would ask you to marry me. But since you're not a person, and a corporation of many many men, I most likely won't.

A few issues though. Why are you only releasing the Old Republic only on PC? Don't you realize half (or even more) of your followers are young adults who have realized that PCs are pieces of garbage and have made the conversion to Mac?
Also, as a personal preference, I would have much rather seen another RPG as opposed to an MMORPG.

Good work on Mass Effect 2. It looks like it's going to be one hell of a sequel.

And Mass Effect 2

Jun 2, 2009

A New Moon Movie: Not vampires or Werewolves

I've got a treat for you. A film called 'Moon' (not to be confused with that next chapter in the Twilight saga) will be hitting theaters sometime in July of this year. It is in an independent film that has already been presented at many film festivals and the plot revolves around a young man who works on the moon gathering energy or cheese or something like that. The film was shot in 33 days, and for an independent film budget, the effects look pretty good. They have a very cool web-site that will tell you all about the film in better detail than I could. Mainly because I am too lazy to keep switching tabs back and forth and copying down information that you could obtain by simply clicking here. Cool right? I wish I could insert hyperlinks into a spoken conversation. Talking would be a lot more fun.

As always, a trailer.