Feb 9, 2009

Welcome Back: The Blink 182 Reunion

Ahh, reunions are so lovely. A time for coming together and catching up on the past, a time for sharing personal growth, a time for burying the hatchet, and for the members of Blink 182, a time for bringing the ol' band back together. That's right folks. The Blink 182 hiatus is officially over. The three members of one of the world's most well-known punk rock groups has announced that they have began talking again and hanging out, but more importantly, they're back in the studio making music again!

Okay, so while they're music isn't the most complex or even sophisticated, I think the fellow Blink fans will agree that their music has had a huge influence on that whole music scene. Now, the fans are all eagerly awaiting the return album from the trio.

The official announcement was made at the 51st annual grammy awards. The band came out together on stage for the first time in four years and told the audience that they would be playing music together again and they cannot wait to start recording and touring the world just like old times. Then they handed Coldplay the grammy for the best rock album of 2008. That kind of ruined it for me. Love Coldplay, but seriously? Best Rock album of 2008? I would've picked Kings of Leon over them, but that's just my personal opinion.


Nathan Meyers said...

see i would see it as coldplay should be embarrassed to be having blink 182 hand them the grammy--I would be. but the interesting thing will be to see if blink 182 catches on with a new generation, or suffers the sad fate of most bands who reunite.

LSDiesel said...

I see what you mean about Coldplay being embarrassed. But you also have to understand that Blink has actually been around longer than Coldplay, and while Blink 182 will most likely NEVER receive a grammy, their cultural status makes them beyond famous. Even though their music is just....meh....Blink 182 is still probably one of the most recognizable bands in our generations.

I'm also interested to see if their new material catches on, or just crashes and burns. I think the band members have done a lot of growing though, and I think that their involvement with other projects will broaden their musical horizons. That's just me though.