Mar 22, 2009

Electronic music that sounds pretty sharp: The Knife

My post titles are really starting to get lame, but at least I'm trying to be clever and that's all that really matters right? 

Some of you electronic enthusiasts out there may be already well aware of The Knife and how awesome and inspirational they are when it comes to making kick ass electronic music. The swedish electronic duo consists of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. Together they make The Knife and together, they are awesome. 

I bought the album 'Silent Shout' on a whim and didn't know exactly if I liked it or not for the first couple of listens. Each time though, it grew on me at a rapid pace and now here they are on the blog. So if you are any sort of interested in very good electronica, I strongly suggest you check out The Knife and maybe put their CD next to your Spoon CDs and who knows? Maybe a band called 'The Forks' will arise in the near future and then you can have an entire collection of silverware. 

The band has an attitude problem, which makes them even more awesome in my book. Up until recently they never made any public appearances including live shows. They kind of give a big middle finger to all things mainstream and keep to themselves. Yes, its cute and somewhat stereotypical, but we all know its just because they want attention. Well, after listening to the tracks I have graciously provided below, perhaps you will aid in giving this wonderful band the attention they crave. 

Instead of doing lame Youtube clips, I will be using the option to embed seeqpod playlists which we here at Blame it on the Media are very grateful for. 

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adam said...

Hey man. I used to really like the knife. They have a song called we share our mother's health that ratatat did some remix of that sounds pretty sick. Also, thanks for posting this.

naas said...

Deez, where ya been?