Nov 24, 2009

Hey, who turned out the: Lights

I checked my inbox this morning only to discover about 100 unread messages from Blame it on the Media subscribers and they were all very cross with me about the lack of new posts. Don't believe me? Just check how many angry comments I got on my last post about the Avatar movie! Oh wait, I must have accidentally deleted them all. I swear there were at least 70 something comments! Now you probably all think I'm lying to you. Oh dear, what am I ever going to do to gain back your trust.

I know! I'll ask you to take a leap of faith by telling you to check out a female electro-pop artist! No no no! Don't walk away! She's actually really really good, and I can't believe I haven't told you all about her already! She's not one of those sellouts, creepers, sex symbols, or generally annoying bad musicians! Why am I using so many exclamation points! That should have been a question mark!

Anyway, she calls herself 'Lights' and she makes all her own music and writes all her own lyrics. Her LP entitled 'The Listening' was released this year and ever since hearing her EP last year, this was one of my personally most-anticipated albums of 2009. It didn't disappoint me either! A solid album from start to finish. I generally try to be as critical as possible, but there is nothing about her or her album that I could possibly say anything bad about. She's cute, witty, and talented. She'll win your heart if you give her a chance. As always, I won't just ask you take my word for it. I will include a music video and a live video for your viewing pleasure. No, you know what? Make that two live videos. I'm feeling generous today.

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