Dec 15, 2008

BAND ALERT: Alessi's Ark

Blogging is a lot like flossing. When you first decide that it's a good idea, you do it compulsively. For a week. Pretty soon you get bored and it just get to be a hassle. Okay bad metaphor. It breaks down....never mind. What I'm saying is that flossing is more important than blogging.

I'm always on the hunt for music, and when I come across something I like, I can't shut my trap about it. Here is a band from London (but we all know nothing good ever comes from there...) called Alessi's ark. The only available music they have for us to listen in the US is scattered on random sites all across the interweb. So in order to share them properly, I thought I'd upload the video right here on muh blog. Aren't you grateful? Who am I kidding, no one really reads this anyway.

Remember to floss tonight.


Sydney said...

I read your blogggggs but thats because of the blog stalking/following tool blogger has.

And no, I'm not grateful. At all. I showed you her, so I already knew of their loveliness. Blog about something I don't know about or haven't shown you and maybe then I'll be grateful ;]

Nathan Meyers said...

I also read your blogs. I noticed you hadn't posted one in a while. In addition, you should check out Kathleen Edwards. Raw country may not be your thing, but I'm really into her music right now. And Sam and I are going to see her in February--it will be stellar.