Dec 28, 2008

OLD: but hey, I like it, Beirut

Okay, so after having been recently informed that my blogs are read, I decided that I should probably post more. Don't blame me if I don't, I am only human and have apathetic tendencies. Oh, I also procrastinate a lot, but I'll go into that some other time ;)

Anyway, I have re-discovered a band that I had in my itunes and I thought I should blog about them. The band is called Beirut and for those of you who already know about them, you already know how unique their sound is. It kind of sounds like the spanish armada is serenading you. LastFM describes them as "an entire Balkan orchestra playing modern songs as mournful ballads and upbeat marches.."

I will admit, I first found them annoying, and I still think that I could only listen to them in certain moods. But they are definitely worth checking out for yourself. 

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