Dec 31, 2008

This movie looks like it might be an 8

I was surfing the web and hitting some sweet waves when I came across this trailer. The movie is called "9" and is based off a short animated film by visionary director Shane Acker. Tim Burton will also have a hand in this movie, and after watching the trailer, you'll know that this is right up Tim's dark gothic alley. That sounded weird.

Anyway, the movie is set in a post-apocalyptic earth and follows these guys who are running around in sack-boy costumes trying to save the world or something. At least, that's what I gathered from watching the trailer with the volume turned all the way down. I like doing that, then the movie can be about whatever I feel like. 

You're right, I do have control issues. 
Anyway, the movie will be released in the theaters on September 9th of 2009, which translates to 09-09-09 in super-secret code. 


UPDATE: I thought I should mention that this movie will be based of the short film of the same name and is also directed by Shane Acker. I could be an ass and make you go watch it somewhere in some obscure corner of the internet (youtube) but since I'm nice, I'll post it here.

Just to clairfy again, this is the short film, and I think it's extremely well done.

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