Jan 8, 2009

Lady Gaga has me coocoo for coco puffs

I made a disturbing discovery on the waves of the internet this evening. I was informed that Lady Gaga's CD was "Out Now" and that I should immediately "Get My Copy Today". All of that to say, this didn't make me happy. I didn't even know who Chicky Boo Boo was until I saw that her ONE SEMI-CATCHY SONG (also called "single") was that drunken chick favorite "Just Dance."

We all know what happens now. People rush out to Best Buy....wait, that's not right. People rush to their computers and log onto itunes (or whatever method you choose to download) and slap it on the ol' hard drive. Then the hit single ('Just Dance' for those of you who are skimming) is played 127 times before anyone even thinks about listening to any other song on the CD. So one day, you play the CD from the begining and come to find that all the songs sound strangley like their hit single (which you now skip, after having heard it a total of 3,591 times) and skipping through till the last (ten, there are always ten on these fake albums) and you realize you paid ten dollars....I mean 9.99...for basically the same song. Now you're wishing you would have actually bought the CD because then you could go to places like Disc Replay and get three bucks for it.

*deep breath*

That felt like one sentence to me and I am quite winded from writing it (especially with all of the things in paratheses) so I'll stop now.

Please comment if you're still with me. It's the equivalent of a hug to me.


Sydney said...

I was just sitting here wondering what your feelings on Lady Gaga and her urge to just dace, or at least tell people to do so actually. Thank you, Trevor, for clearing that up for me.

Sydney said...

Oh god, that was poorly written. It was late, whatever.

Anyways, heres another hug I guess.

Nathan Meyers said...

I am one of those (perhaps few) music listeners who need (not even want) whole albums to be good. I simply do not understand people who can listen to one song 1,567 times. I understand people, however, who listen to a cd for the musical masterpiece it is intended to be and then listen to some songs more than others just because they have personal preferences.