Jan 10, 2009

Ratatat: No, it's not a pokemon...


Whenever people see a large amount of the same letters next to each other, the tendency is to ignore everything you ever learned in the educational system regarding pronunciation and sounding out words. People miss-pronounce the name of this band (and the pokemon too. In fact, that's the reason I got out of the whole pokemon thing because of all the dumb-asses who could not read) all the time, which is a shame, because it is band worthy of having it's name said properly. Here I go again, starting a blog post with incoherent gibberish. Well, I suppose it is coherent, but it's pointless rambling for sure.


Hi, my name is [original post contained real name; removed at author's request] and I'm here to blog about this sweet band called Ratatat.


Okay, so to make this as short as possible I'm just going to put it all into one GIANT word. IdownloadedabandcalledratatatalongtimeagoandthoughttheyweregoodbutnotamazingthenIdownloadedsomemoreoftheirworkandlikeditawholelotmorethantheCDIdownloadedinitially.

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