Jan 22, 2009

Simply Dazzling: True Blood Clip

I love the show True Blood.

I hate it when people tell you that a band is really good, or a show is really good, or a movie is really good, but they don't quite sell it to you. People (at least in my experience) tend to just tell that something is worth it, and then walk away without leaving you semi-interested.

This clip is one of the many reasons that True Blood remains one of the most bad-ass vampire shows ever.


Sydney said...

That clip is pretty sweet and with what I've seen of the show, which is only what I've seen with you at the office, I might just like it enough to start actaully watching it.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Yeah, I watched the first episode the other week and it was great. I'm waiting for the whole season to download before bingeing on the weekend. Should be ace.