Jan 21, 2009

Game-gasm: Star Wars Battlefront 3

In case none of you already knew, today is Nerd day. Actually, every day is nerd day here at BIOTM. B.I.O.T.M. Bio-Tem. BOM. Bomma your Momma.

Moving right along, I was given a tip yesterday from a very good friend of mine who is knowledgeable in the field of movies, technology, and general media. He told me about this new leaked demo of Star Wars Battlefront 3. Now I myself have not played any of the Star Wars Battlefront series, but after watching this leak (if it turns out to be real) makes me very excited for it's release.

The current status of the Game is unknown. There is a lot going on as far as the development is concerned, and no one can seem to get a straight answer from the creators as to how far they are into the project, completion dates, publisher, etc. The only conclusions we can draw come from this video that was leaked into the treacherous and hostile network of rumors and misnomers know as the interweb by a laid-off employee. The video is low-quality (because it is a video of a video) but still gives us a look at the potential for Battlefront 3.

After watching, I hope you too will be as excited for the release of this epic looking game as I am. Make sure you watch at least the first minute, because there is a sequence in which the player if flying a ship from the surface of a planet and lands in a star destroyer in one seamless motion with no loading. It's all in real time. Pretty impressive.

Also, there is rumor that a dark-side Obi-Wan will be making an appearance as well.

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Sydney said...

It's kind of sad that this is what you do all day when I'm not at work. Actually, you do that while I'm at work too, so I take that back.