Feb 17, 2009

Caroline: and the Revenge of the dyslexics

Animation over the past several years has really taken off into several different styles and....ugh. I feel like I'm writing for a friggin magazine. This isn't a magazine. This is a blog damn it. 

I went to go sit in on a film class yesterday which happened to be seated in the middle of a movie theater with a movie playing. How distracting when I'm supposed to be learning something. I decided that I should just watch the movie and about halfway through the film I realized that the movie was the class. Interesting. The whole experience was far more enjoyable after I wasn't scared of being scolded by the teacher for paying attention to the movie instead of his class.

See? This is why I don't drink coffee in the morning.

The movie was Coraline and it was very beautifully animated. The style was Tim Burton-esque but was not (to the surprise of many) Tim Burton. It was, as my friend skippy simply put it 'more colorful' then most of Tim Burton's work. It was directed by Henry Selick and for this project, he used the good ol' stop motion method. I thought it was CG but I just researched it (you're right, I have the Wikipedia tab open) and it wasn't. For more info on the nerdy stuff, I suggest you visit the Wiki yourself. This is one Movie I have to say everyone should see. The plot isn't what you're there for, it's the magic and wonder and all the pretty colors. Oh, and see it in 3-D. It would make a HUGE difference in your experience. 

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