Feb 16, 2009

I've heard of them: Mates of State

You know those bands that you hear about over and over (and over and over) again but you never make it a point to check them out because you already think you kind of know what they sound like because of all the bands they're associated with? Well I have that problem too, and because of that, I miss out on some really great music. Lucky for all of you Blame it on the Media followers, you have me, the fearless LSDiesel, who makes the voyage into the realms of the unknown, the obscure, and the dangerous to let all of you back at home know what's worth checking out and what is just...crap.

I had a very long and exhausting weekend, and I thought that I would come out on the other side with nothing to show for it. Well, besides a headache and swollen lymph-nodes (don't ask) I was told by a good friend Stephanie to check out this band called Mates of State. LastFM had beaten Stephanie to the punch, but like with all music recommendations, I waited until I heard about them at least a hundred times before I actually decided to go and give them a listen. I need to be less lazy when it comes to exploring new music fronts. In fact, I should probably be less lazy with all things that require only a computer and fingers that are able to type.

I also have a new resolve to let you (the reader(s)) know what you're getting in to before you just take my word for it and run out and buy (or torrent) the music I recommend because I know that my word is at least bronze to most of you. Mates of State has a similar sound to Stars, Eisley, Rilo Kiley, and The New Pornographers so if you enjoy those bands, I think you'll enjoy this one. And please, do us all a favor and at least listen to the thirty second previews on itunes. Don't assume that you know what any band sounds like because you could be missing out on your new favorite.

Thank you Stephanie for the tip.


Nathan Meyers said...

they came to calvin last semester. my friend told me i should go, but alas i did not. i didn't really dig their 30 second itunes clips at the time. maybe i need to hear more of them.

LSDiesel said...

They're one of those bands that sound like stuff you've heard before, but you just love it. That's the best way I know how to explain it.