Feb 12, 2009

I like my Cabaret Dark: Amanda Palmer

Every once in a long while, there comes along an artist who sets the bar just a tad higher. Someone who takes things to the next level. In this case, I am talking about the one and only Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls.

Her look, her attitude, and most of all, her music, makes her stand out from the rest of the wannabe dark-cabaret artists out there. There isn't much to be said, and she's one of those artist that you'll either love or hate. You will either think she is artsy, out there, and totally bad-ass or you'll think she's a man trying very hard to be a lesbian. Again, in the interest of not just TELLING people about music, I am going to graciously include a few videos from her CD entitled 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?'

Also, her web-site is very well done and worth your while to check out.
Click the HYPER LINK! for direct access.

And now....some videos.

Guitar Hero

Leeds United

Thanks again goes to Sydney, for always keeping me hip and trendy.

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Sydney said...

I DO keep you hip and trendy. Or at least informed of what I think is hip and trendy, which really isn't all that hip or trendy. At least not what most people define hip and trendy as.

I think I've used the words 'hip' and 'trendy' way too many times in this comment...great.