Mar 2, 2009

Tyler Perry goes to Jail, and not just because he's...

Okay, I've said many times before that Hollywood is rapidly running out of good ideas. In fact, one of their worst ideas was to let Tyler Perry keep making Madea movies. I was horrified today when I saw that the number one movie in the box office this weekend was Madea goes to Jail. Granted, there aren't (that m)any good movies out at the moment, but MADEA!? That's just wrong in more ways than one. I mean, it's a story about an old black woman going to Jail (or at least, that's what I got judging from the title, maybe she doesn't go to Jail, but than that would be more like an M. Night Shayamalan film) and that's about it. I'm sure it may have one or two clever parts in it, but you could probably get the same (if not more) entertainment from putting a kitten in the dryer. 

Tyler Perry needs to give it up already. It's not funny anymore. No one is laughing because you can dress up like a fat-ass black woman. Well, maybe some people are, but no one with a taste in movies, that's for sure.

Yes, you're right. This is an angry Monday. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeh yeh yeh, a kitten in the dryer is worth two in the bong.