Apr 23, 2009

No thank you Tom Cruise: Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds

See? I told you I had some post ideas stored up in my brain.

This is probably one of the coolest thing I've been introduced to in a good while. Its a musical adaption of War of the World's, and while it is rather old (late 1970's) its still new to me, and its good, which means no matter how old it is, it will remain good. That's what I believe about music. Once good, always good. That doesn't mean I'm always in the mood to listen to it, but its still jolly good.

Okay where was I? Oh yes, Jeff Wayne's musical adaption of War of the Worlds. It isn't a musical in the sense that there are a bunch of really weird people in funny costumes on stage that explode into song and dance at every key moment. That would be odd for WOTW (War of the World's for you slower people) since the story revolves around martians coming down from space and kicking the crap out of humanity. That would make an odd musical. This musical was a touring live performance with an orchestra and a narrator and a few other actors, but like I spent this whole paragraph explaining, it wasn't your typical musical. *sigh* I am going to include a Youtube clip of the show (youtube clip is worth a thousand words) so that will make all of this explaining a lot easier.

Someone here at the office had the 2 Disc set, so I borrowed it and slapped it on the ol' hard drive. It didn't take long before I really enjoyed it. It is much different than just music, and it sort of plays like the soundtrack to a musical. Ugh. This is so hard to explain. Anyway, it goes through the entire book (by H.G. Wells, a master of the written word and way ahead of his time as far as science fiction goes...no pun intended) and the whole thing is very well done.

I say that a lot. 'Well Done.' Its not a steak, but oh well. This youtube clip should help explain things. The CDs are worth checking out too if you can find them. 

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