Jul 21, 2009

No Thank You Jacki Chan.

I love Arcade Fire. I love asians. Not so much together though.

As much as I'm appreciative that asians exist and provide us with such commodities like Poky and giant fighting robots and best of all, drivable toy cars, I don't think it is necessarily wise for them to attempt to cover great american indie-rock bands.

I have to say a few words on how I feel about watching an Asian band covering Arcade Fire. You'll see that this could never be made to sound good right from the get-go when the singer begins to sing. And by sing, I mean open [his] mouth and try to sound like someone who has his nuts stuck in bicycle spokes. I don't know if any of you are familiar with the song, but its not supposed to be sung like that. I apologize if this is, by some chance, the first you've heard it.

So let's see. We start off nice and slow. 'This is how Ahhcade Fi-oh do i' right?' Yes. You've seen Arcade fire's frontman. The Elvis wannabe in the blue jumpsuit? You've got the look down great!

Oh, and look at that. We got mom and sisters to play the violin(snicker). Yes, we need all four violins to sound just like Arcade Fire. Here, I printed you out some sheet music. Don't bother listening to the song first, just read your music. Maybe if Mom and Sisters would have listened to it, they would have tried to stop the poor boy from gettin the band together and trying this song.

3:45. That's my favorite part in the video. ]
Also the Epic Ending.

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Jeff said...

They aren't all bad, check out Journey's new lead singer.