Sep 18, 2009

Artist Spotlight: TV on the Radio

I keep forgetting that I can blog about whatever I want to. It doesn't have to be new, or original, or anything of the sort. Hell, I'm still not convinced this gets read half the time, so what the hell do I care what I put up here? This is supposed to be a therapeutic outlet dammit, so I'm going to make it just that.

Sorry, I think someone laced my morning granola bar with PCP and we all know I'm allergic to nuts. Kidding. About the nuts thing.

ANNNYWHO, one of my recent favs in the music world has been this wonderful band called TV on the Radio. I know they've been around for a while, and I had their album 'Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes' sitting in my itunes library for quite some time before I gave it a real honest listen. Even then, I didn't find anything all that great about them. It wasn't until a good friend of mine recommended I pick up a copy of their latest album 'Dear Science' that I really began to dig their sound. Dear Science really began to grow on me, so I started listening to their older stuff and by this time, they had already received mention in several facebook status'. That's how you KNOW a band is good. So late one evening, I was having a Youtube night with me, and I decided that I would see what they were like live just for giggles. I found them preforming their song 'Wolf Like Me' on David Letterman, and was blown away. I officially loved these guys now. After watching, I purchased 'Return to Cookie Mountain' (the album that 'Wolf Like Me' was on) and haven't looked back since.

TV on the Radio remains one of my favorite bands and I hope you will enjoy them as well.
Here is the fateful clip that boosted them into 'favorite' status with me.

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