Sep 15, 2009

New Moon: Sadly looks entertaining.

The Twilight Series. If you've spent any time here on earth, you've most assuredly heard the name, and if you're an american teenage girl, you know the names Bella Swan and Edward Cullen like they're your relatives. The Twilight Saga has re-ignited the vampire craze in america especially among adolescent females. Over a year ago, the first book in Stephenie Meyer's cult series was made into a movie that exploded in the box office, but was sadly, a terrible movie as far as production value goes. It also didn't follow the book as closely as I had hoped (Yes, I read the book. And the second one. I'm in the middle of the third right now...) and I was disappointed in some of the Director's choices.

Then I saw this brand new trailer for the New Moon movie. It looks exponentially better than the first film. The production value, the acting, everything just looks so much better. I am actually looking forward to seeing it. I won't be in line the night before dressed as a werewolf, but I do plan on going eventually.

Less talk more Rokk right? Here's the Trailer

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