Sep 15, 2009

The Resistance: Muse's latest musical musings.

One of the greatest modern rock n' roll bands of this era is undoubtedly Muse. Muse blends modern rock with classic symphonies, and new age electronica to create a sound worthy of the label 'progressive rock' because it is most certainly progressive. Muse isn't afraid to explore and experiment and their sound is unique and easily recognizable. An asset to any music snob's library, Muse can rock hard, or play it soft, ripping at your emotions like a riptide, or gently plucking the heart strings. Whatever the case, Muse's music will always be a potent vibe in the ears, and the power trio re-defines the limits of what one band can achieve in their style and sound.

So then WHY is it that I'm not overly impressed with their latest work? I'm not saying it's bad or painful to listen to, but it just didn't deliver the same knock-out punch to the brain as past albums have. At least initially. I've owned the CD for about an hour now, and am on my third listen, and while some elements of a few songs are quite creative, I feel like it's not covering as much new ground as I've come to expect from a Muse CD. So, in the back of my mind, I am a little disappointed. I still think Absolution was their crowning jewel though.

Yeah, it's worth having a copy, because it's Muse and Muse is an awesome band, but the CD doesn't stand by itself. The opening track and first single 'Uprising' is actually a little annoying and isn't a song that I want leading the way into new Muse territory. Also, the closing of the CD is quite weak and after hearing the ending song of Black Holes and Revelations, I've automatically been expecting a killer closing song, which didn't happen with this one.

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Oh well. Maybe next album.

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