Oct 29, 2008

Thank God they're graduating: High School Musical 3

First there was High School Musical. A movie put out by Disney that had everyone talking (and by everyone I mean all people under the age of twelve). But that clearly wasn't enough. They needed to make a second one, and if THAT STILL wasn't enough, the wonderful people over at Disney decided to bring you a third installment of the much acclaimed "High School Musical" series.

Um, there is not much that needs to be said here I don't think. Obviously SOMEONE likes those movies enough to make Disney delusional enough to produce a third one. You know what I think? I think it was a group of thirteen year old girls who went and saw the first two movies a hundred times each, causing Disney to believe it was a box office smash hit. Thank you Disney. We really appreciate what you're doing for mankind.

The Movie opened in theaters on October 24th and in just the first three days it grossed about 42 MILLION DOLLARS!!! That means its like the highest grossing movie musical (as far as opening weekend goes...) Holy hell! Those girls are at it again!!!! Damn you Disney! Damn you!

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