Nov 15, 2008

Speaking of Vampires...

I'm operating away from home right now, but hey, that's the beauty of Laptops. I can take my work with me. Not really, I would go crazy if I took work with me. Anyway, I was showing my buddy some music and he liked a lot of it. I wanted to show him something that I thought he wouldn't like because of it's obscurity. So I downloaded a band my brother showed me called Nightwish. Now, here's the deal with this band. Their music sounds like Metallica, Dragonforce, and the soundtrack to every fantasy movie had a baby. They named this child of Fantetal (my cool name for fantasy metal) Nightwish.

The hardest part for me was actually admitting that I liked them. Their music is outstandingly creative and epic sounding and makes a part of your soul want to cower in fear, while at the same time making you want to lift your hands in victory. You have to listen to it to understand it. If anyone reading this trusts my music taste, this band might test your faith in me. Maybe I'm going insane, but I cannot get enough of this band. My advice to you is to buy one of their songs, and this is the song you should buy. It's called the "Poet and the Pendulum" and it's off of the album "Dark Passion Play". I know, sounds weird already but trust me, it's REAL good.
UPDATE: So my buddy leaves me a comment and tells me about other bands I might enjoy if I liked Nightwish. Some of them were Leaves Eyes, Lacuna Coil, and Within Temptation. I bought all three of those CDs on itunes, and had no idea that this sort of music was so popular and readily available. Nightwish is still the favorite out of these so far, but the othjers still have good things to offer. Thank you Chris, for the recomendations.

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