Nov 6, 2008

You know what Grinds my Gears? Not having enough time to devote to video games.

As most of you who care probably already know, Gears of War 2 is set to be released exclusively on the X-BOX 360 tomorrow, and looking at the reviews and screen shots, I must say it looks pretty sick. I myself haven't played all the way through the first one, although I have played co-op through a few levels and had quite a good experience. It's a very unique way of playing a shooter, not to mention the adrenaline rush of ripping into flesh with the chainsaw mounted at the tip of your weapon. OH BOY!!! The Gameplay. The Graphics. The Story. All of those elements are at their peak in Gears of War and judging by what people are saying about the sequel, this one will be no different.

In a nutshell, this is what the critics over had to say, "It's not absolutely perfect, it's fairly similar to the first game, and it can be boiled down to a simple war game about killing aliens. But Gears of War 2 delivers on all its promises and accomplishes almost everything a big sequel should--keeping its distinct identity while buffing up in every possible category. Unless you're already a confirmed hater or have absolutely no interest in ripping locust apart with some of gaming's most badass weaponry, don't think twice."

I am not a confirmed hater (well, at least not towards this game) and I certainly have an interest in ripping locust apart (whatever the hell that means) with badass weaponry. Where does one enlist?

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